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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: April 08 2013,14:32   

Quote (Soapy Sam @ April 08 2013,13:48)
Quote (clamboy @ April 08 2013,19:18)
I am enjoying the uptick in TSZ's postings and conversations, mostly for the education, but certainly not least for the return of...

(heralds sound)

His Most Royal Tardiness, William J Murray.

I mean, No Neck Joe and GG Aulin get the job done, but when William J Murray posts, I feel like Screwtape taking in the luscious air of a Torquemada. His arrogance, His dismissiveness, His air of lese majeste when addressing Lizzie's posts about Dembski (or replies to His Own comments), His refusal to answer or even acknowledge questions or define His terms, His condescension and derision and insults...ah, I think I could never surfeit on the black bile that is the soul of William J Murray!

For those disinclined to seek out the pearls cast at the swine, this is a GEM:

BTW, the reason I donít post here much is because I have a limited capacity to endure your ilk Ė this very kind of endless rabbit-holing and obfuscation of terms.But, out of a sense of fair play, Iíll spend some time here.

† †For as long as I can stomach it.

Just so long as he can put up with some pro-science comments for a short time, his intellectual honesty is hardly in question.

Among the IDiots, that is.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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