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William J. Murray:
So, when you guys reference the supposedly vast amount of evidence contained in those papers, how many of them have you read? All of them that you are referring to - meaning, all of them, or else how would you know they all agree with NDE, or your particular understanding of it? Have you read "most" of the papers ever published relating to evolutionary biology? Dating back to when?

Careful how you answer, because then the question becomes: why this apparently obsessive compulsion to educate yourself so thoroughly in fields outside of your expertise so that you can independently evaluate research data about NDE? Why is it so important to you?

So if you haven't read "most" of the papers relating to evolutionary biology, you are unqualified to participate in a discussion of the science (as WJM admits to being).  If you have read the evolutionary biology literature extensively, then that is evidence of an "obsessive compulsion".  Brilliant!

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