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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 04 2012,18:12   

Laugh out load moment (for me, anyway). Joe has another thread, this time on how Tiktaalik is somehow not a transitional. Bearing in mind a previous comment Joe is on his bestest behaviour, even prompting this:
So far three evos have responded and not one has demonstrated a reading of the OP.

Still staring at me Elizabeth?

However 9 comments later the dam bursts:
Joe, I'm trying to talk specifics with you. please humour me. I wouldn't want readers to think you're being evasive, by asserting and not supporting.

Please read and respond to the OP- or go away

Elizabeth- Rich is being a fucking faggot- can you please do something about him.

...and you all know where it goes from there.

We no longer say: “Another day; another bad day for Darwinism.” We now say: “Another day since the time Darwinism was disproved.”
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