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Quote (Soapy Sam @ Mar. 04 2012,16:06)
I guess the best way to deal with Joe might be to ignore him. Otherwise, TSZ will be in perpetual derail until he finds somewhere else to irritate, in clueless ignorance of his own cluelessness.

But for the fact that I can't imagine anyone getting pleasure from such an activity, I'd say he is simply trolling for the attention. Then again, I thought that about Doug Dobney at Sandwalk too - when Larry was away, a 550-post megathread blew up, and he seemed to be just orchestrating the pro-science side into a frenzy for kicks. But I began to realise that he was deadly serious. And then I felt quite sorry for him.

Either way, if one has an interest in internet discussion, someone being ridiculous right in front of you, with those tiresome refrains and persistent misapprehension in response, is a hard lure to ignore. I decided to say nothing more to that fuckwit a long time back, but I haven't kept the promise entirely.

He's on every thread hardcore right now.

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