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Quote (Kristine @ May 15 2012,08:22)
Har har de har, Ben Stein! Emoshunal Deestress! Oh Noes!
A judge has dismissed most of Ben Stein's lawsuit that claimed the Japanese company Kyocera Mita backed out of a $300,000 deal to hire him to act in commercials for a line of computer printers after it found out about his controversial beliefs on global warming.

Although Stein claimed that his freedom to speak publicly was at stake, California Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White has ruled that much of his lawsuit itself was a legal maneuver intended to impinge free speech and has dismissed eight of Stein's nine claims. The lawsuit survives, but only barely.

Obviously a not very fit lawsuit. How does a lawsuit come from a non-lawsuit, anyway? ;)

One of Kyocera's business units is manufacturing advanced solar panels.

Their panels will be an option on the nextgen Prius.  That business unit has invested more than half a billion dollars in solar panel manufacturing plants... including on in San Diego to meet the US desire for clean power.

Makes sense to drop Ben Stein to me.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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