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Quote (Robin @ July 08 2011,10:40)

Well, I was chastising you for not even doing a quick Google search before making a blanket claim.

What blanket claim are you referring to? I didn't think I had made one.

Given that you appeared defensive and appeared to have an agenda, it seemed that you were just making something up.

What "something" appeared to be made up? I asked a question.

Even though you apparently aren't starting from an agenda and are actually just a layman doesn't excuse not doing a rudimentary search. Research isn't limited to the professional scientists and this day and age of information, it isn't hard just to check a few sources.

What research should I have done to determine what constitutes "climate change denial"? Maybe I could have gone to a few discussion boards and asked some participants? No, wait...

Actually, fuck it, never mind. I have no stomach for this kind of thing. It just makes me grumpy and out of sorts. I'll just go back to lurking.

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