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(Permalink) Posted: April 17 2011,14:51   

Quote (Dr.GH @ April 17 2011,13:58)
Well, since Kristine is the only entry, she will probably win by defalt.

Now for phase two, list all ten errors. (I only noted 9, but just listening to her made me dizzy).


PS: You cannot shimmy without a butt.

True enough!

Ugh. I have to wade through this drivel again (I did finally listen to it).

1. From the look of her hair, she never gave up AquaNet. But she was only using it to stop runs in her nylons, not to control that weathered bird's nest that she calls her hairstyle.
2. Global warming is not caused by CFCs, but apparently holes in the head are (hence the ratted comb-over).
3. She was told "not to eat chocolate" by her gym teacher, not her science teacher.
4. She was told "not to eat chocolate" by her prom date, not her science teacher.
5. She was told "not to eat chocolate" by her mirror, not her science teacher.
6. She never went to science class. She was always sitting in the Principal's Office for sneaking chocolate in Political Science class (an anti-social behavior that apparently continues to this day).
7. She never stopped eating milk chocolate (she just gave up having milk duds in her pockets), and she never started eating dark chocolate (because it doesn't taste as good to her).
8. She never mentions that the Taliban likes to use Prell shampoo. (This is a fact! )
9. That outfit. All wrong! :D
10. She does not acknowledge that evolution gave us a butt which allows her to stand upright even after eating all of that chocolate.

P.S. I should have said that there are at least 10 errors. She is rather like Ann Coulter who in her book Godless committed multiple errors in each sentence necessitating a veritable matrix of corrective annotations.

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