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(Permalink) Posted: April 12 2012,05:47   

Yes well, I can't let the last rash of comments go ...err uncommented.

Louis thanks for turning up and let it never be said that

1. Your last comment was not unexpected and I myself am particularly flattered you managed to unashamedly flatter yourself into the bargain. Whilst I would normally take the piss out of you with a repartee absolutely designed to cut to the quick of your fragile ego in this case I'll take your compliment to yourself as a sign of your deference. Thank you. No further correspondence need be entered into.

2. On behalf of the entire bar please have a drink on us it's your shout HOMO!

And all you other fuckers can get fucked.


Robin...... I don't know....... that diagram strangely relates to a trip I'm planning except it had less blue and less complicated geometry and the circles were actually do you know what I'm up too?

If I wasn't so well balanced I'd almost think I was as paranoid as Louis...shhhhhhh don't tell him.

"I get a strong breeze from my monitor every time k.e. puts on his clown DaveTard suit" dogdidit
"ID is deader than Lenny Flanks granmaws dildo batteries" Erasmus
"I'm busy studying scientist level science papers" Galloping Gary Gaulin

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