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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 24 2011,06:47   

Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Mar. 24 2011,06:31)
Thanks for setting this up, Richard. Framing questions to come.

The only question you need to focus on, my lad, is "Bearing false witness: will it send me to the very hell I so fervently love to claim others are condemned to?".

Seriously, why the hell* do you expect to make a propaganda movie which in which you selectively and dishonestly (admittedly so it appears) edit the comments of others to fit into a prearranged story derived from your own prejudices, slander generations of scientists, misrepresent the work and lives of individuals and multitudes, and then not expect to come in for criticism varying from the excoriating to the abusive? Why do you expect anyone aware of your shenanigans, here or elsewhere, to trust you at your (already thoroughly discredited) word?

Dr Louis' advice: stop focussing on the made up sins of others, old boy, start focussing on your own very real ones. Or so you think by piously instigating little cinematic pogroms of dishonesty your fictional deity will somehow love you? Is any sin forgiveable as long as you do it for the baby Jesus? Remember, movie-shill-boy, it's not *MY* standards you have to live up to, it's the ones you claim to believe in.

Now run along and bother someone else with your asinine irrelevances.


*Haha, see what I did there? I kill me sometimes.**

**In joke...forget about it.


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