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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Feb. 09 2011,15:43)
At Cambrian?. The fossil record is the complete opposite of? what was predicted. Do you realize virtually every prediction evolution has made has been falsified?

Gould said the Cambrian explosion went from the "many phylum to the few" the OPPOSITE of what was predicted. when your falsified you? guys just quietly change the theories. how nice

HGT is just a reason to explain away?? the lack of evidence the original theory made. That we should see the few evolving into the many. and closely related species should have more similarities than distantly related species. FALSIFIED.

So HGT to the rescue. Just as P.E. did for sudden appearance and stasis

The atheist can never open that door of I.D. even when he practices the very thing he says IS NOT SCIENCE. it scares him

Shorter toobsucker:

ID is everything!  Evolution is wrong!  Atheists are dummydoodyheads!!!!

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