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Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Nov. 29 2010,19:06)
I agree. IMO Hitchens won. However the vote indicated a draw. Both Blair and Hitchens persuaded a roughly similar percentage to their cause. Dembski was crap.

I am not saying that Blair convinced me. I am just saying that according to the vote. Blair and Hitchens persuaded a roughly = amount to vote their way.

I just got an email from the Munk Organizers and they declare a win, albeit slight, for Hitchens.

Dear Munk Debates Member:

Friday night’s debate on Religion saw an electric exchange between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens.

Prior to the debate, 25% of the 2,600 audience members agreed with the motion, while 55% disagreed, and 20% were undecided.

The audience vote immediately following the debate showed that Christopher Hitchens won the debate, by a hair, by garnering 13% of the previously undecided vote versus 7% for Tony Blair. The final results for the second audience vote on the motion were 32% in agreement and 68% opposed. To access a detailed report on the results click here.

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