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MadPanda, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 12 2010,14:06   

Pardonnez-moi but...the prize is a lack of a Dembski sweater?  (blinka blinka)

Oh.  Right.  Fashion statement alert.  The things I miss by very carefully avoiding any and all photographic or video presentations by the Dembski.


For a moment there I was hoping this was a clever variation on a Calabi-Yau topological manifold or a Klien bottle or a Mobius loop something.  (I am not up on the math, but darn, do they ever look neat!;)

The MadPanda, FCD

"No matter how ridiculous the internet tough guy, a thorough mocking is more effective than a swift kick to the gentleman vegetables with a hobnailed boot" --Louis

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