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Texas Teach

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While I see some creationist inspired resistance to science, the far bigger general threat I see is many students lack of rigorous thinking.  I've encountered far too many students who simply can't/won't see the kind of detail that you have to pay attention to in order to have success in math and science.  Students who just don't see the difference between upper and lowercase letters, between super and subscripts.  The number of students who won't use a formula to guide a calculation, but instead arbitrarily start multiplying/dividing numbers until the get something they think looks like an answer.  It's a lack of focus, and I suspect it's at least correlated with the use of ten different electronic gadgets at any given second.

Because they have so much trouble thinking scientifically, when you do run into a topic which is at odds with their religious/cultural beliefs, they can't really see the scientific evidence for what is is.

"Creationists think everything Genesis says is true. I don't even think Phil Collins is a good drummer." --J. Carr

"I suspect that the English grammar books where you live are outdated" --G. Gaulin

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