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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 26 2010,13:58   

Turnham Green the hard way:

Piccadilly line before 7:45 am, on Sunday.

I don't think so.

As fxntr did the Snaresbrook maneuver, reminiscent of the Bilge/Blythe "Over the hedge" fiasco of 1969, and my fascination with the movement of a little puck over ice, the Nexus Void and lube shop is still in effect.

You must move through yourself and find the other side for the next 1.23t time units.

That is as fxntr points out so eloquently, you don't implode first.

I concur, but some of us have already taken that into consideration.  Still, implosion is a terrible thing to witness.  Could be the pace-setter for the remainder of the dunstanfetter.  I'll be the first to demand a shrubbery.

I'll oblique, just in case.  

In the meantime, I've weaved a Plotsdingwether egg from my ticket stub; and, since escalators are still wild, I'll claim my baggage tags for another 0.328 fizbin.  While I realize that this resembles the Ortnsnortnzablotnik maneuver, I believe that there's enough variance in the field of play to allow another slapdown.  Too bad ol' TARDavison isn't hear to see that (not that I miss him).  He'd probably bandwagoneer, anyway.

Oh, and I'll commission the naggly bastard.

Exit Eustace.

Aye, Luv; it's so.


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