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Quote (Tom Ames @ Mar. 25 2010,07:12)
Quote (Ptaylor @ Mar. 24 2010,23:20)
Quote (Tom Ames @ Mar. 25 2010,20:08)
Quote (afarensis @ Mar. 24 2010,17:47)
Kew Gardens

Wow, I wouldn't have pegged you as a Fifth Quadrantist. But it's hard to interpret your move in any other light.

Nah - I think that's just a modified version of Wilson's gambit.

Oh, I guess you're right. I've always had trouble following the flux up the Parslow gradient when helices are underdetermined.

My bad.

(Maybe we need an "Official AtBC Mornington Crescent Peanut Gallery Thread". I'd hate to disrupt the play with some of my occasionally paraboloid observations.)

The whole point of play is the paraboloid observations and disagreements about the rules. Frankly most of these posts are far too short and lacking in detailed appreciation of the subtleties of the game.

As a case in point, your questioning of PTaylor and Afarensis is quite correct. Wilson's gambit? Poppycock and foolishness! Afarensis is clearly trying to take Northern Approach whilst avoiding being in Spoon. He ignored my comments on Stovold earlier in the thread, and has failed to note also that elevators are wild.

Since it is after Labour Day (note spelling)* and before the term of the fiftieth president for you personages of an American persuasion, you are well within your rights to advocate a slight deviation from traditional Stovold. Modified Stovoldian Dynamics is a perfectly acceptable deviation, unless of course one prefers SuperStovold or one of the myriad S-Theories.

Given all of that, and that is is a Thursday in March I can play my Hare token and move laterally into the Doggers. Thus, from your move of Waterloo I shall play:


Which, unless someone knows how to control the Masonic Stations, should give me Mornington Crescent in three.


*Techincally it is always after Labour Day, unless it is Labour Day, which is still after the previous Labour Day.


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