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Cowardly Joe, run away proclaiming victory to your momma, cause she's the only one who'll believe you.

So what do I do? Support my claims and ID and watch hiim choke. Kevin asks me how to measure information. So I tell him. He chokes. Kevin asks me to see if an organism has CSI. I show him. He chokes and bans me. He sez I won't support ID in the same thread that I support ID.

Here's a link to the blog show (  Show me where you calculated or measured the CSI of an organism.  Direct quote, please.

Show me where you measured the information in anything.  Direct quote please.

Show me where you supported ID, direct quote please.  Because, no fewer than three people begged you to support ID... and you didn't.  Just like you haven't for 30 months.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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