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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 20 2012,08:27   

Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 19 2012,08:19)
If anyone wants to play with Joe, he's socked it up on my new blog here:

Feel free to weigh in, but be nice. Show the community that we're better than Joe. Just flood him with questions and evidence until he melts-down.

Let's get a good Friday meltdown going...

Wasn't it just last year that JoeTard was screaming that he wasn't using the name "frisbee_kid", that there were several other people using that account but not him?

Joe Gallien - still candidate for dumbest human ever to post on the web.

"Science is what got us to the humble place we’re at, and what hard-won progress we might realize comes from science, with ID completely flaccid, religious apologetics bitching from the sidelines." - Eigenstate at UD

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