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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 18 2012,07:36   

Quote (Southstar @ Oct. 18 2012,12:20)


Joe G said...

   The book introduces and explains the concept "built-in responses to environmental cues".

   It explains why most mutations are not random, chance events.


southstar said...

   So you changed your mind?
   And you accept that all mutations are pre-determined given a specific enviroment???

   Also I'm sure the author wrote to Lenski before hand telling him of the CIT+ mutation that would occur should he go ahead with his experiment.


Joe G said...

   Mutations do not have to be pre-determined. In a genetic algorithm only the solution is pre-determined.

   I never said, thought nor implied mutations are pre-determined. "Built-in responses to environmental cues" does not require them to be pre-determined.



Joe is on the the slippery slope of predeterminism.

What a clown.

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