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It took me about 3 minutes to hit up Wikipedia, find "additive function" and understand why Oleg's function that he asked Joe about wasn't additive.

Here's a hint Joe: An additive function doesn't mean that you add a number to another number.

You see, much like Biology, Chemistry and everything else, mathematics has some very specific definitions. They use words in ways that may be counter-intuitive.  That means, your 'common sense' understanding of the terms is wrong.  

You know, things like 'mol' and 'design' and 'super set'.

You really ought to learn what the words actually mean before trying to discuss them.  I'll give you another hint.  If you're using a word, in a particular context, then it's not us who have to use your definition.  We're not wrong because we use the word correctly.

Come on Joe, tell all about mols again.

BTW: Are you busy writing that letter to Behe to tell him that ID is a mechanism.  I hope you have the mechanism handy (here's a hint, a blueprint for a building is not a mechanism for constructing the building).

Or maybe you're writing a response to gpuccio about how he's wrong because ID can (try to) distinguish between random and non-random... after you told me that wasn't even required for ID.

It makes one almost think that you don't even understand ID... or that ID has too many definitions.  Either way, your side is pretty much screwed.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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