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Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 01 2012,09:00)
Here's some EPIC TARD to start your work week. Reproduced, in full:

Antarctica- Record Sea Ice Extent in 2012!
- Yup, that is correct- 2012 saw a record in Antarctica's sea ice extent. Oh but that was predicted by global warming.... Not

Ya See... the beauty of working in the quote mine is you don't need to read the article, just the headline. I mean it must support your preconceptions and ideology, right?

...If we look at current Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extents compared to their 1979-2000 averages, Arctic sea ice is almost 50 percent below average whereas Antarctic sea ice is just between 5 and 10 percent above average.

Itís not that we should dismiss the Antarctic difference from average. At some two standard deviations from (above) the mean, that signifies thereís just about a 5 percent chance of this happening (assuming a normal distribution). But the Arctic difference from average is in an entirely different universe statistically speaking, way, way beyond two standards deviations from (below) the mean.

Moreover, the long term rate of decline in Arctic ice obliterates the converse rate of increase in the Antarctic. In August, for example, Arctic sea ice is declining at a rate of 10 percent per decade since 1979 compared to an increase of 0.6 percent per decade in the Antarctic.

Joe doesn't get it that scientists who write for public consumption just like most writers want to capture a readers attention, so they will make a headline interesting to get above the noise level. If the title just said "Artic ice declined 30% in the last 30 years †while Antartic ice increased 1.8% over the same period" who would read it?

Not Joe.

That's why 'The Bourne Identity' was not called 'The Spy Who Forgot His Own Name (Which BTW Was Bourne)'.

....I wonder if Joe can distingush the difference between an Airport Novel and a fact.

Fucking Moron.

Maybe if the title said something like....'Homo-erotocism Blamed on Global Warming' Joe would read the whole article.

ETA: artistic flourish

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