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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 11 2010,10:47   

Quote (Joe G @ Mar. 11 2010,10:32)
Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 11 2010,10:29)
I have provided plenty of evidence for ID on my blog.

Then it shouldn't be too much trouble to cut and paste your best example of that evidence.

Why can't you grow some balls and leave your protectorate and actually engage the evidence?

Your posts are coming through here without hindrance, Joe. You pre-moderate your own blog. A quick glance doesn't suggest your blog is a suitable venue for a free exchange of ideas.


It shouldn't be any problem for you to post the best evidence for your position.

Please start with a testable hypothesis for an accumulation of genetic accidents.

As for posting here- just to fight assholes like you.

I posted a new topic and some little faggot edited my words.

IOW this is not the place to exchange ideas...

excuse me for butting in on the insult fest here, but isn't lenski's e coli experiment enough for you?

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