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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 21 2010,15:26   

Some "debates" which might be worth attending:

From Ham's blog today:


Debate Summit 2010 will be held March 12th – 13th and includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars.  The Debate Summit series exists as a forum designed to explain, test and defend various aspects of the Christian worldview by interacting with qualified representatives of non-Christian worldviews in moderated public debates.  Its goal is to create and maintain an atmosphere of civility, mutual respect and the open exchange of ideas.

The Debate Summit is hosted by Grace Community Church of Washington Court House, Ohio.

Debaters for this year include Dr. Will Provine of Cornell University.  Dr. Provine is one of the world’s preeminent spokesmen for evolution.  On a popular level, he is perhaps best known for his interview in Ben Stein’s documentary, “EXPELLED:  No Intelligence Allowed”.   …

Dr. Provine’s … first opponent is Dr. Andy McIntosh of Leeds University (United Kingdom).  Dr. McIntosh lectures internationally and is an expert in thermodynamics, combustion theory and aerodynamics.  The Provine/McIntosh debate topic is “Flight in birds and bats:  Is evolution or creation the best guide?”.  Dr. Provine’s second debate is with Dr. Dennis Sullivan of Cedarville University (OH).  Dr. Sullivan, a former surgeon, is Professor of Biology at Cedarville and is the Director at the University’s Center of Bioethics.  The Provine/Sullivan debate will be “Free Will:  Does it exist?  Does it matter?”

[In  the third debate] Dr. Ed Buckner [President of American Atheists] will debate Jay Lucas, the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church. … .  The Buckner/Lucas debate will be “Moral Foundations:  Which makes more sense, Christianity or Atheism?”.

Complete information can be found at

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