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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 10 2009,15:57   

Quote (Dan @ Sep. 10 2009,06:19)
FL now has only five options:
E. Change the subject by saying something irrelevant

With sometimes more than a dozen people replying, he can get away with it.
I suggest this thread be renamed the Peanut Gallery, but in addition to snark and asides, everyone post their serious responses here.
Then  create a "FL vs. AtBC debate" thread where one or a few people, deadman/eric/etc, condense the best responses and post once.
I.e. a single AtBC Borg collective response -- evasions pointedly noted. A thread one can link to later.

Quote (fusilier @ September 10)
FL will ignore multiple citations and links in order to repeat, after a few months, the same things, in the hope that other posters simply don't notice.

That's why a focused thread would be best, where his usual stunts are manifest and not lost in piles of clutter.
In fact, I suggest all serious AtBC creationists be treated this way.
Quote (Occam's Toothbrush @ Sep. 10 2009,15:41)
It's going to be AFDave Lite.

A thread that went for 167 pages, which may never be read by anyone in its entirety again.

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