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Quote (Dan @ Sep. 10 2009,12:19)
FL claims, on another thread, that he wants to use this forum to address the topic of whether

Evolution is Incompatible with Christianity

Since FL is posting claims not arguments, let me help him out with a very simple argument:

1. The Pope is a Christian.

2. The Pope holds that evolution happens.

3. Therefore, Evolution is compatible with Christianity.

A simple three-line proof.

FL now has only five options:

A. Contend that statement 1 is false.

B. Contend that statement 2 is false.

C. Contend that the reasoning deriving statement 3 from statements 1 and 2 is wrong.

D. Accept that statement 3 is true.


E. Change the subject by saying something irrelevant like "Some of you boys have already experienced either the LOSS of your Christian faith, or at least a SERIOUS EROSION of your Christian faith. And your slide (your back-slide, that is) is partly or indirectly due to the impact of evolution-claims on your own beliefs."

Which will it be, FL?

I'd ask for definitions of three of the five words in the proposition "evolution is incompatible with christianity" before I even ventured an answer.

Possible answers include:

1) Yes

2) Some individuals seem to manage the cognitive dissonance just fine.

3) No

All depends on what you mean by "evolution", or "incompatible", or "christianity". I've yet to see many serious attempts at resolving this (or the large question of science being incompatible with religion) which don't equivocate on terms. In fact most of them equivocate so horrendously as to be vomit worthy.



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