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Timothy McDougald

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 04 2009,21:11   

PaV says:

Furthermore, from the writings of Fred Hoyle, and the recent work of Behe (The Edge of Evolution), what we, here at UD would predict, is that the ‘loss’ of teeth or enamel wouldn’t involve more than two amino acid substitutions. This is, more or less, what Meredith, et. al. found.

Does anyone who has read the paper know where PaV gets this figure from? The closest thing I can find is where they calculate substitution rates in Mysticetes (they get .0081 frameshifts/kb/myr) and where they calculate gene (well technically the survival time of a 3 kb exon) survival time assuming neutral evolution and use nucleotide substitution rate in their calculation, but perhaps I missed something?Or is PaV just making shit up?

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FTK: I Didn't answer your questions because it beats the hell out of me.

PaV: I suppose for me to be pried away from what I do to focus long and hard on that particular problem would take, quite honestly, hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin to pique my interest.

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