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I think Chomsky showed that human language is more than an HMM, but as you said, Behe doesn't think evolution can even do that much!

I certainly am not ambitious enough to attempt evolving language. My goal was simply to test Behe's edge of evolution in a way that is a notch less deterministic than Dawkin's original Weasel.

I know, for example, that selecting for phenotypes is theoretically different from selecting genotypes, but I don't see how this matters much in a model. If the phenotype doesn't reflect the genotype in a way that is visible to the selecting agent, it doesn't really matter.

As for evolving phoneme level utterances, I think that's quite appropriate for a demo program. For one thing, I can make trade names. Bactine, for example. The distinguishing features of a trade name are pronounceability and novelty.

I don't know much about Chomsky except that he said a lot of things that sound like ID. I resist his pronouncements for that reason alone.

Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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