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Quote (Zachriel @ June 25 2009,11:00)
Quote (dvunkannon @ June 25 2009,10:07)
{snipped} ... equivalent to assuming that all selection takes place after a night of drinking heavily.

(Perhaps you should spend more time in bars—for observational purposes, of course.)

I trust, dvunkannon, that your field work is progressing well.

Quote (dvunkannon @ June 25 2009,10:07)
A lot of GAs use tournament selection to maintain a more constant selection pressure. I think you could argue that tournament selection models some part of the sexual selection process.

I've been thinking about your analogy and suggestions. Roulette seems to emulate relative fecundity. Those with higher fecundity will tend to mate with those of higher fecundity simply because they mate and produce offspring more often. (Wimps pass out in the corner, rarely mating.) But Tournament does tend to pair those with like-fecundity, so I suppose it does seem like sexual selection. I may try that next. I thought about some more explicit method, but that might be beyond what we are trying to accomplish with this model.


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