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Gregor's Bookkeeper is now workable enough to report some results. But first the implementation.

Gregor's Bookkeeper doesn't keep track of all mutations, just their cumulative effect. The only concern at this point is average fitness and genomic decay. But it does allow us to inspect the population to see what is happening. Bells and whistles don't matter much in the face of the claim that Mendel's Accountant has overthrown 150 years of biological science. We eagerly anticipate replicating this exciting discovery.

Each member of the population is comprised of a collection of genes. Mutations can occur randomly in any member and any gene. Most mutations are very nearly neutral.  

Beneficial mutations are often dominant because they can cover for the activity of a weaker partner. But sometimes alleles can combine effects, or deleterious mutations can sometimes even be dominant. This aspect of the model is still unsatisfying, so we're leaving Dominant = 50%, Recessive = 50%.

Phylogenetic Fitness is normalized. That means Environmental Noise scales properly with fitness.  

PhyloIndex holds the sort of the Phylogenetic Fitness. We take those with the highest Phylogenetic Fitness to enter the mating round (after eliminating those with very low fitness).

Those with higher Phylogenetic Fitness are more likely to mate and produce a large number of offspring. The first step is to create an accumulation of normalized fitnesses. Then we use this table to determine winners and losers. Finally, we select a random allele from each Parent.

Other aspects include allowing normal variations in population, average offspring and mutation rates over time.


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