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ok here goes, if I'm off target correct me gently.

I know very little about the ins and outs of the GA problem space but I do understand modeling as a concept.

It seems to me that the simple weasel GA resultant graph over time IS the fitness landscape.

So to test the fitness landscape several things could be tried and they probably already have been so again I'm just an amature.

A couple of simple additions could be to add a second sentence that competes for only a few common letters of the alphabet that are in the first sentence ...and see what happens.

Only a limited number of letters are available for all species of sentence perhaps based on the usage count in English.

Then add an in vivo preditor which eats the letters from one of the first species but leaves a few letters on the savanah or petrie dish.

Then from the leftovers see if a new species of gramatically correct (dare I say Shakesperean quotation) arises.

Compare the fitness landscapes with known population statistics for a simple analog and reduce errors.

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