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Steve Schaffner

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Quote (Bob O'H @ June 19 2009,12:02)
I haven't looked at the code, but if we assuming a constant population size and discrete generations, then (ignoring recombination and mutation), the way to model this is to assume that each parent has a fitness si.  The offspring are then drawn from a multinomial distribution with probability for the ith parent being


(this would reduce to a binomial distribution if there were only 2 parents).  The multinomial sampling is genetic drift.

Yes, I've written a program for that kind of model, except that I imposed selection in the differential survival of the offspring. Including options for truncation selection and a few other things, it amounted to all of 158 lines, including comments, white space and the multinomial routine.


You can treat log(si) as you would any standard trait: it's additive, so you can add the genetic and environmental effects.

I haven't thought about this before. Does adding environmental effects do anything more than reduce the effective selection coefficient?

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