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Quote (JohnW @ June 16 2009,15:47)
Quote (sledgehammer @ June 16 2009,12:42)
I think it is even worse that that Zach, for three reasons:


I think you're right, sledgehammer.  It looks like Sanford thinks the beneficial effect of a mutation is constrained by its "size" relative to the total size of the genome - the bigger the genome, the smaller the effect of a single mutation.  

Assuming you and I are not misinterpreting, I think there are two possibilities:
(a) - he really is that dumb (perhaps he thinks giraffes have more neck genes than humans);
(b) - this is yet another silly exercise in apologetics - slosh a lot of sciency talk around, but fix it to make sure you get the answer Jesus wants you to get.

I'm strongly leaning (b).

He just said it again.

Sanford: A setting of 1.0 means that a single mutation can double fitness - creating as much biological functionality as the entire rest of the genome.

A doubling in fitness does not imply a doubling of "biological functionality". Resistance to plague doesn't imply a dramatic increase in the size of a genome. It may just mean that fleas think you smell bad.


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