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Quote (sledgehammer @ June 16 2009,14:42)
Maybe someone who has MA up and running (Zach, Sam?) could try this and report?

I was actually running simulations on this idea earlier today and will be posting some graphs up on TWeb within the next hour. The runs were identical, save that one run had a "maximal fitness effect" of 0.001 and the other a maximal fitness effect of 0.01. The first population, after ~6000 generations, had a fitness of 0.844. The second, after the same number of generations, had a fitness of 1.350. The number of beneficial mutations was cranked up to 75% to ensure the runs went for a significant number of generations.

I also received an e-mail from Dr. Sanford today, part of which dealt in this area . . . I am waiting to hear from him whether I have permission to forward his entire e-mail on forums; there wasn't any revelatory information, in any case. Dr. Sanford feels that 0.001 is an appropriate setting but is willing to discuss whether that is the case or not.


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