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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ June 12 2009,14:28)
Of course, I tend to think that a good approach to critique of a program to do a particular task is to actually produce a program that does that task better. I think that is something that we could give some thought to here. Much of the same background work applies to analysis of MA or design of an alternative.

Some ideas:

- Develop a test suite based on published popgen findings in parallel with development

- Base it on the most general, abstract principles for broad applicability

- Aim for number of generations to be limited only by amount of disk or other long-term storage available

- Consider means for handling large population sizes

- Start with a simple system, either as run-up to version 1 or with sufficient generality to be extensible to more complex systems

It seems to me that producing a thoroughly-vetted and tested platform that covers fewer cases is far better than producing a large, unwieldy, and bug-ridden product whose output cannot be trusted.

Wes, How would your proposed project improve on other programs? For example, of the goals that you list, does existing software such as AVIDA or other models not already satisfy you criticisms?

Next, I see that there are two goals. The first is to refute lame ass creatocrap like "“Mendel's Accountant provides overwhelming empirical evidence that all of the "fatal flaws" inherent in evolutionary genetic theory are real. This leaves evolutionary genetic theory effectively falsified--with a degree of certainty that should satisfy any reasonable and open-minded person.”

The second would be to actually advance the scientific work of evo simulations.

I might be able to assist the first, and I am happy to leave the second to the rest of you.

Your list of ideas do add to the refutation of the creatocrap, as they are features of what a good simulator should be able to do.

"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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