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Bob O'H

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(Permalink) Posted: June 12 2009,17:02   

I'm not a population geneticist or indeed any kind of evolutionary biologist whatsoever.  But it's my impression that Sanford is saying nothing new; he's just trying to repackage issues that pop gen people have known about for decades.  

What's new is his claim that meltdown affects sexual populations.  I should check the evolution of sex literature, I'm sure they (Sally Otto and Nick Barton, amongst others) showed that it doesn't happen.  In his book Sanford ignores the recent evolution of sex literature.

Wes -
OK, why are there still Amoeba dubia around?

Indeed - hasn't it turned into Amoeba dubya?

Anyway, remember that Sanford is a YEC, so millions of years aren't relevant for him.

It is fun to dip into the various threads to watch cluelessness at work in the hands of the confident exponent. - Soapy Sam (so say we all)

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