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By the way, all this genetic entropy (why the stupid name, why not just Muller's Ratchet?) stuff relates to the work of Laurence Loewe at Edinburgh.  He's done a lot of research on Muller's Ratchet, well worth checking out:

also see these classic papers by Michael Lynch:

Lynch, M. et al. 1993. Mutational meltdowns in asexual populations. J. Heredity 84: 339-344

Gabriel, W. et al. 1993. Muller's ratchet and mutational meltdowns. Evolution 47: 1744-1757.

I'm not a population geneticist or indeed any kind of evolutionary biologist whatsoever.  But it's my impression that Sanford is saying nothing new; he's just trying to repackage issues that pop gen people have known about for decades.  Indeed, occasional creationist basher Joe Felsenstein published one of the classic papers in this respect:

Felsenstein, J. (1974). The Evolutionary Advantage of Recombination. Genetics, 78, 737756

Some time ago on PandasThumb, Felsenstein said he'd probably better read the Sanford book as creationists would be using it.  S Cordova offered to send it to him.  It'd be great to get his thoughts.  I think this is the discussion:

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