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Quote (Henry J @ Aug. 26 2012,23:00)
So in this analogy, the population is the set of neurons, the individual is the neuron and the gene is some stable aspect of the neuron, like excitation threshold.

But (AFAIK) neurons don't typically come and go the way individuals in a species do.

I'm not sure if a gene pool has something analogous to a connection strength, unless it's how close two genes are on the chromosome. And that's not a stable value over time.

The math might work too differently for the analogy to be useful in the details.


The physica substrate is quite different, so the analogy has limitations. But you have variation, selection and incremental change. You have the accumulation of changes building complex behaviors that cannot be a hieved in one step.

I don't know of any emulation of evolution that simulates  chemistry, so they all have limitations.

Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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