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The whole truth

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Quote (Robin @ July 09 2012,05:46)
Quote (The whole truth @ July 09 2012,07:22)


and another

Read these. Good follow-up on research. We'll see how it plays out over the next five years or so, but it's fascinating researching either way.

I'm just waiting to see what the ol' IDers make of this.

It should show the IDiots that science is self correcting (and this time it was pretty fast) but I doubt that they will see it that way. One way or another the IDiots will likely twist the whole thing into some sort of condemnation of science and into some sort of support for ID.

I find it interesting, and somewhat surprising, that Wolfe-Simon is standing by her original claims. She's quoted as saying "There is nothing in the data of these new papers that contradicts our published data, which is also consistent with our current results." but the writers of the new papers apparently don't agree with that. I think she would be wise to get together with the writers of the new papers and pay attention to what they found, rather than be stubborn in the face of evidence that contradicts her claims.

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