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Quote (dvunkannon @ Feb. 22 2012,11:43)
Quote (Dr.GH @ Feb. 16 2012,23:43)
Quote (dvunkannon @ Jan. 11 2012,14:05)

Molecular 'Culprit' in Rise of Planetary Oxygen

Cool points include searching a database of small (single fold) proteins to find old axygen producing enzymes.

Extra cool features:
Enzyme works with single metal atom to function. (Maganese)

These small proteins that use single metal atoms (like zinc fingers) are to my mind a key piece of evidence of the way out of the RNA World into our current pattern of nucleic acid polymer for memory and amino acid polymer for enzymatic action. So many small proteins working as recognition motifs - connecting RNA and a protein, and themselves binding directly to the RNA. Small proteins templating on the nucleic acid sequence, it is one direct templating step from there to the modern genetic system.

I have used this in my paper debunking "Dissecting Darwin."


I'm sending it to the BUMC Proceedings. My deadline is the 15th.

"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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