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Peking Man older than thought, from Nature News:

Researchers have sifted the sands of time to show that Homo erectus  lived at China's most famous anthropology site at least 250,000 years earlier than was thought.

The new date means that this early human ancestor the first lineage to migrate out of Africa prospered in an earlier, colder climate, and its physical development in China matched that in Africa, where the species first evolved.

Discovered in 1918, the Zhoukoudian caves near Beijing have yielded surprises for nearly a century. Layers in the hillside cave system overlooking a river valley have produced some 17,000 stone artefacts and fossils of 50 H. erectus individuals, including six skulls. The species had a distinctive barrel-shaped torso and stood 145180 centimetres tall, walking upright in a similar way to modern humans (Homo sapiens).

Now, work by a team of scientists based in China and the United States reveals that the Zhoukoudian cave fossils are about 770,000 years old much more ancient than previous estimates of 230,000500,000 years.

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