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Quote (blipey @ July 16 2008,15:03)
Quote (lkeithlu @ July 16 2008,08:28)
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Quote (afarensis @ July 16 2008,07:38)
Shark teeth not designed? Come now, everyone knows shark teeth were designed to eat coconuts - just like T-rex. :p

Aquatic coconuts?  Or terrestrial coconuts that the benevolent, happy, friendly, cooperative pre-Fludde T-rexes obligingly tossed into the water for them?

Now, YOU KNOW that sharks waited along the coconut migration route to pick off the old or sick ones.

The European or African route?

Coconuts aren't migratory!

You're thinking of swallows (or bats*).


P.S. I wonder if we can keep this going long enough to  make it relevant. After all, coconuts and swallows share a common ancestor.....FIND ME FOSSILS, BITCHES!

*Ween fans with the "Live at Stubb's 7/2000" album will know what I mean. Any Texans amongst you been to Stubb's? Sounds like a good place.


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