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Back a handful of years ago, I brought the kids down here to visit my Aunt Helen, and took them to the beach for the first time.

My son, maybe 8, picked up a small shiny black triangularish object, and asked,"Is this an arrowhead?"

I made an inference regarding its design.

"No, I don't think so.  It'd have to go on a pretty small arrow, don't you think?"

I was familiar with arrows, and this one would have to be about the size of a large sewing needle.

I suspected it was a random piece of rock or shell with an interesting shape.

Then he picked up another, with an almost identical shape.  Then another and another.

They were much more interesting now, and I had a better idea of what they were.  We hung on to a few, and put them in a bag with our seashells.

That afternoon, we visited the North Carolina Maritime Museum, and in a case there found a bunch of examples of those objects.

They were shark teeth.

Conclusion?  Not designed, but cool anyway.

Imagine that!  I had never even heard of The Explanatory Filter at the time!  Thought I'd share a pre-coffee science related almost topical rambling.

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