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Quote (keiths @ July 16 2008,10:25)
Quote (Louis @ July 16 2008,02:14)
P.S. Just in case some ID loon thinks I'm entirely serious, I'm not. The above is at least mildly tongue in cheek.

Good point.  I'd probably be wise to disavow my previous comment before Ftk decides that I'm a fellow cdesign proponentsist.

FTK makes a habit of misquoting people. One relatively entertaining example was when she reproduced a tongue in cheek post of mine at her website conveniently removing the P.S. which pointed out to her that it was a joke.

When she was called on this abject piece of dishonesty, she put the P.S. back in with the emphasis changed to suit her needs, despite the fact that I disavowed the emphasis she put on it and explained the humour therein.

I find it's best to stick such disclaimers on posts simply because of the limited nature of the written word. Body langauge, tone etc being almost impossible to convey through text alone. Also, it's funny when the terminally dishonest, like FTK, do something like I describe above. Kind of makes any point I might be making for me now doesn't it!

Anyway, enough comedy, back to the archaeology and good stuff. I'm looking forward to reading a discussion about Australopithicene anatomy. Not a subject I know a huge amount of detail about, so I'll be chuffed to read what those more expert chappies and chappesses produce as a spur to go and learn more.

Go you ahead archeologically learned folk. I think waiting for FTK (and even encouraging her participation in this thread) is a waste of everyone's time. She's manifestly not interested in learning anything, just reproducing creationist dogma as if it had something significant to say.


Done edit for teh tpyos.


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