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Quote (Robin @ Oct. 26 2012,12:02)
Lovely stuff as usual Lou! Really like that Phoebe (though I think it's actually an Alder Flycatcher given the wing bars and buff on the breast). Thanks!

Thanks, Robin!

I think what you're seeing is some highlighting on the edges due to the sunlight angle that looks more like wing bars than they actually are. I won't swear to it, though. The Eastern Phoebe is new to me, and the Alder Flycatcher would be a first, so my unfamiliarity with them both complicates things.

Quote (Robin @ Oct. 26 2012,12:02)
PS: I have to confess a certain jealousy regarding both the Bald Eagle and the Harrier; I have absolutely no luck getting shots of things flying. Nice work!

It's tough, and the shots I have are the best shots of several hundred. All the Bald Eagle and most of the Northern Harrier shots were taken on a pair of crappy, rainy days with solid overcast. (Most of my new raptor shots are that way, actually.) My only real option was to crank up the ISO to obscene levels in order to keep the shutter speed up enough to get more than a brown blur. That introduced a crap-load of noise of course, which is annoying, but whattaya gonna do, y'know?

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