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Quote (Freddie @ May 31 2012,21:49)
Okay - i'm looking for some guidance please.  I'm in the San Jose/Los Gatos area this weekend, with my camera. There's a lot of state parks and hiking trails all around but I don't know much about the wildlife in this area or where best to spend the time I have.  

Can anyone give the clueless Brit a recommendation where to go and what to look out for?  This park is close and looks interesting ...

Castle Rock State Park

p.s. there is no way that Painted Bunting is for real, right?

I must confess that while I lived in San Jose for a bit and went to Castle Rock a couple of times, I don't remember any specific wildlife to keep an eye out for. I know there are Red Squirrels there along with Western Grey Squirrels and I'm sure there are other assorted small mammals. You may see some mule deer this time of the year. Since there aren't a lot flower plants there - mostly a redwood forest park - you likely won't see much in the way of hummingbirds, but you should see a variety of butterflies now. However, if you're into mushrooms - looking at them that is -, they do have an amazing variety throughout the forest there.

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