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Quote (fusilier @ July 19 2008,10:09)
We're getting some new, small, birds at the feeder and sunflowers.

I'm pretty sure that one variety is a scarlet tanager - and we've never seen them before, in Indianapolis.  Then there are some new chickadee/finch-sized birds - is there a black-capped chickadee found in the midwest?

Tons of gold-finches and assorted small warblers.

The cats are fascinated.

Maybe, except that Scarlet Tanagers don't eat seeds. If you had one at a seed feeder, it would be highly unusual. How large is it? A bit bigger than the Goldfinches?

How about House Finch?

I think Carolina Chickadees are more likely in Indy, according to this range map. But the dividing line between Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees is fairly fluid, and that is a relatively old map. The other pages at that USGS website linked above will help you distinguish between the two species; it is a bit tricky but it is possible if you get good looks.

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