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Quote (carlsonjok @ July 18 2008,14:32)
I need some help from the resident birders here. Last night, my wife and I were standing on our front yard observing a hawk perched ontop of one of our blackjack trees.  He was mostly brownish in color, but had a white head.  I've looked around some and couldn't identify what it was?  Any pointers to a better site where I can look?

What was really fascinating is that we have about three pairs of barn swallows nesting in our barn and the little suckers actually ganged up on that hawk and chased it off.  They are nasty little buggers.

What size was it? If it was a regular buteo sized bird, it was likely a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis). If you look in a standard bird book you will find a picture of a standard red-tailed hawk; the only problem with that is that you probably will never see one that looks exactly like the one in the book. They are among the most variably-plumaged birds on the planet. From here  
Due to its extreme variability though, the Red-tailed Hawk can be very difficult to identify.

Here's one with a white head.

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