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My bird adventure of the day was an excursion to try to photograph a Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea), aka the "Golden Swamp-warbler"). These are rare and local around here, but there are at least a couple of pairs at a local campground, so I headed out before the thunderstorms hit this afternoon. I got lucky.

In keeping with the FtK theme that science=religion, I should also note that the name of this bird derives from its bright yellow color, which is the same yellow as the color of the robes of papal officials known as "prothonotaries apostolic". These high ranking monsignors were (and still are) keepers of the papal documents.

In keeping with the FtK and Wee Willy Wallace theme that science=atheism, I should also note that the Prothonotary Warbler figured prominently in the HUAC investigation of Alger Hiss, an accused communist whose prosecution initiated the rise of the political career of Richard Milhous Nixon.

But sometimes a bird is just a bird.

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