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Quote (Richard Simons @ April 23 2008,21:48)
Today a colleague was going to treat us to (Canada) goose for lunch but as just a few have arrived so far he was only able to get one which we divided amongst us. The flavour was good but from the part-leg I had I think it must have walked here.

At the weekend I saw the first rusty blackbird, a grey heron (we are at about the northern limit of their range) and a flock of about 20 sandhill cranes. The ravens seem to be paired up and are doing aerobatics. A colleague saw two bald eagles feeding on road kill the previous weekend but so far I've not seen any.

The lakes are still mainly ice-covered but most of the snow has gone. In a melting snow-bank at the edge of town I saw what looked distinctly like wolf droppings (large, more hair than anything else).  The pussy willow is out, the trees are changing colour as the buds expand and there are a few tiny green shoots showing here and there.

Please visit Chicago, where there are @ 1,000,000 Canadian Geese that you can eat.  All they do here is eat and shit, usually all over my kid's sports fields.

Maybe FTK and her kids can stop by and help.

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