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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,April 20 2008,21:51)
albie that is great.  how long does your season last?  the gyromitras were up in the first of the month in my neighbors yard.  he found a giant yellow one there in the same place yesterday.

Our morel seasons here are incredibly variable, since the weather in the spring can be incredibly variable here. Two years ago it was so dry in the winter and spring that there were no morels, or at least we found none, and I heard no positive reports from anyone else. Last year we got the first batch, then a ridiculous cold snap hit (temps in the teens for three days in a row), and there were no more after that. In 2004 (the best year I remember) the season lasted a couple of weeks; we had a good combination of rains and warm nights. We gathered and dried enough mushrooms that we only finished off the last of that batch in mid 2007.

I'm hopeful that this will be more like 2004!

Maybe FtK is partially right. I have a morel code, but it changes from year to year...

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