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Quote (skeptic @ Dec. 03 2007,16:29)
yes, I'm a Lehigh grad and no he doesn't teach (or didn't) ID in class.  This, of course was before he achieved any real fame (infamous) at least in my eyes cause I had never heard of him.  The first day of class he mentioned he was a bit of a heretic in the biology community because of a book he wrote.  That was the extent of it.  Looking back I remember only one clear implication and that was the final exam.  As a bonus question, he asked the statistical probability of monkeys banging on a type writer question.  Again, that was it.  I later saw his book and really began to understand who he was but he was a very good, passionate teacher.  In that sense I often find myself sympathetic to him even though I don't agree with much he says about the subject.

As far as sexy, I'm not really the one to judge that.  :D

Thanks for shedding some light on the subject, skeptic.

And I'm no biologist, nor have I ever studied monkeys or numbers but I bet there is a 99% probability that if you give a monkey a typewriter he's going to bang on it at some point.

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